Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flick Conquers Kentucky, Looks to Kona

Three years ago I watched Kona Ironman World Championships on TV inspired seeing what it took to become a top class ironman, i saved all my babysitting money to go watch my friend Monica Moreno, now captain Jeri Howland and my hero pro Meredith Kessler in IMAZ. I stood for 17hrs that day glued to scene I waited hrs to give them one little cheer and it was one of my greatest days in triathlon- that day i walked away totally inspired my heart was set, one day I was going to be ironman . Within a short 2yrs I quickly entered and had success on the triathlon scene, not being able to ride a bike, experiencing a bike crash that saw a handle bar go through my knee and a pedal through my foot, left not being able to walk for weeks and a fractured leg, I worked hard everyday (but for me it was not work I had found a passion) early mornings, late nights, many sacrifices.

My dream started to come true I place top ten in all half ironman and ironman races 2011/2012 as well as qualifying for the World Championship 70.3 Ironman Championships in 2011 and 2012 going sub 5hours at Vineman 70.3, and one slot off Kona ironman world championships in my 2nd Ironman at AZ with a 10.41 - 5th place, taking overall winner in two Aqua bike long course competitions, and 2nd at the regional aqua bike championships this year. It had been a quick rise and I found it really hard to even believe I was doing what a couple years ago I sat in ore at those who did this, it still really didn't ever set in that I had achieved what I had.

Then August 26th 2012, 10wks post stress fracture of the femur came the day I became one of those people I used to sit in the crowd and wonder how they could race 2.4mile swim, 112mile bike and then run a marathon and not just make it but race it ?????? and win, winning my fiercely competitive age group at the Kentucky ironman one of the hardest on the circuit, something I never in my wildest dreams thought could really happen, and as I described the moment of running down fourth street in my fb post nothing ever ever could buy that moment or can ever take it away from me- to win my AG at an ironman just my third time, I thought about all the sacrifices, the people that had helped me get there, finding I was stronger then I thought I could ever be, I step over that line and I cry, so emotional, I can't explain it nor would words do it justice the feeling of what you have just achieved and Its only an ironman that you can share tears with a complete stranger in the volunteers arms who shared tears with you and it be the most amazing moment !!!!

My coach found me, the look of pride in his eyes and the hug that represented that of the journey we both had been on the kiss on the forehead as if to say I know - we did it! That moment will stick with me forever.......

The next day I stood up on the podium in first place, thinking this is me actually up here, where only yesterday it felt like I was in crowd going wow how in the hec do they do this thing?!!!!

It also taught me you just need to know what you want and get after it, if you really want it you will find a way. I won on a hand me down helmet, hand me down glasses, entry level bike shoes i had had since i started riding, borrowed wheels, working endless hrs after long days of training and studying when i so wanted to go to sleep etc the list goes on but you know it didnt make any difference and in fact when it got tough out there it made me stronger and gave me fuel to keep going for those who had supported me and to remember all those long nights were for this what I saved so hard for it was time enjoy!!!!

And there it was my slot to Kona to be amongst the best of the best- a dream come true !!!!!

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  1. Great effort keep doing hard work you should become great cyclist